Mona Pro

Hotmoon Smart White Noise Sound Machine

  • US Standard

Brand: Hotmoon
Color: White
Power Source: DC Input
App Name: Hotmoon      
Package includes: Sound Machine*1; USB-C Cable*1
Certifications: UL; FCCID; BQB; UL1464; UL38.3; MSDS; CA65; TSCA     

DIY Your Touch Button. Personalize your touch button with colors, sounds, or both. Just tap for instant sound sleep bliss!

Rest Easy, Phone-Free. Set preferences once, and let Mona Pro run smoothly on its own. Enjoy a good night's sleep without needing your phone.

Glow Your Way. App-controlled anti-glare night light for a soothing, secure sleep, making you stay asleep without interruptions.

Efortless Rest and Wake-up Schedule. Set schedules and timers in the app, tailoring its operation to fit your lifestyle perfectly, to help you fall asleep regularly and wake up refreshed.

Bluetooth Speaker Functionality. Activate this mode to access over 500 exclusive sounds and music via the app's Cloud column, designed for meditation and to make sleep easier.

2 Years Warranty

The item will be under a limited warranty for 2 years from the date of invoice issued. If the item is defective, damaged, or malfunctioning in any way, just contact us for an easy and fast replacement.

This warranty does not cover:

- Improper assembly or installation. 

- Improper follow-up maintenance. 

- improper use, mishandling, faulty transportation